Hello, 안녕하세요 👋

I'm Jihyung Moon, Co-founder & CTO at SoftlyAI

We build AI associates for professionals so that they can focus on bigger problems.
💹 For investors: AILookUp | 🏥 For (digital) healthcare providers: AI Clinic Coordinator

My current interests are

  • Building a great AI product
  • Effective and efficient AI product development
  • Scale

Work and Education


  • Analyzing Norm Violations in Real-Time Live-Streaming Chat. EMNLP 2023 [paper]
    • Jihyung Moon*, Dong-Ho Lee*, Hyundong J. Cho, Woojeong Jin, Chan Young Park, Minwoo Kim, Jay Pujara and Sungjoon Park
  • KOLD: Korean Offensive Language Dataset. EMNLP 2022 [paper]
    • Younghoon Jeong, Juhyun Oh, Jaimeen Ahn, Jongwon Lee, Jihyung Moon, Sungjoon Park, and Alice Oh
  • KLUE: Korean Language Understanding Evaluation. NeurIPS 2021 Datasets and Benchmarks Track [paper] [github]
    • Sungjoon Park*, Jihyung Moon *, Sungdong Kim*, Won Ik Cho*, Jiyoon Han, Jangwon Park, Chisung Song, Junseong Kim, Yongsook Song, Taehwan Oh, Joohong Lee, Juhyun Oh, Sungwon Lyu, Younghoon Jeong, Inkwon Lee, Sangwoo Seo, Dongjun Lee, Hyunwoo Kim, Myeonghwa Lee, Seongbo Jang, Seungwon Do, Sunkyoung Kim, Kyungtae Lim, Jongwon Lee, Kyumin Park, Jamin Shin, Seonghyun Kim, Lucy Park, Alice Oh, Jung-Woo Ha, and Kyunghyun Cho
  • PATQUEST: Papago Translation Quality Estimation. Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Machine Translation [paper]
    • Yujin Baek*, Zae Myung Kim*, Jihyung Moon, Hyunjoong Kim, and Eunjeong L. Park
  • BEEP! Korean Corpus of Online News Comments for Toxic Speech Detection. SocialNLP@ACL 2020 [paper] [github] [slide]
    • Jihyung Moon *, Won Ik Cho*, and Junbum Lee
  • Revisiting Round-Trip Translation for Quality Estimation. EAMT 2020 [paper]
    • Jihyung Moon, Hyunchang Cho, and Eunjeong L. Park


Academic Services


  • 활동 데이터 분석을 통해 비정상 사용자 그룹을 탐지하는 방법 및 시스템 (METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING ABUSER USING LOG DATA ANALYSIS), KR 1022091000000, filed 5 Sep 2018, issued 22 Jan 2021. [kipris]
    • 김태욱, 문지형, 최인식, 박효균


  • [NOV 2018] PyTorchTutorial for Beginners [github]
  • [JUL 2017] Tensorflow Implementation of Relation Network (RN) [github]
  • [JAN 2017 ~ FEB 2017] 구글 여성 소프트웨어 캠프 (Develop with Google) 1기

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